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Surprising alarm for the MOHAP day Retreat

Or Alarming blessing at the MOHAP retreat !

Attendees at the last MOHAP day retreat for 2014, hosted at the Advent Centre on Sunday 17th November, were welcomed into God’s presence by melodic and peaceful piano music, played by Nathaniel Davis. Those from afar as Leeds in the North including Pastor Mwasumbi, joined with attendees who were mainly from the south of England. Many were expecting a blessing during the day, including an attendee who shared how she had only heard about the MOHAP day retreat, late on Saturday 16th November. She immediately left a voicemail message, requesting as to whether it was still possible to attend.  To her surprise, her alarm clock woke her up very early Sunday morning. This prompted her to check her text messages and was thrilled to receive a message welcoming her to attend the day retreat. She testified, “I definitely, did not set that alarm, but God wanted me to be at this retreat and I know the reason why, as I have been wonderfully blessed, by God’s grace I will be attending future retreats”.

Pastor Lorance Johnson, North England conference president, provided a profoundly encouraging devotional message, entitled ‘In Pursuit’ in which he outlined how God in His love  has been in pursuit of His children since the fall of man, desiring to forgive us and restore us back into relationship with Him. He examined the different aspects of God forgiveness, which covers us and lifts us out of our sin. In conclusion, Pastor Johnson commissioned us to receive freely of God’s forgiveness and in turn to freely forgive others.  Pastor Des Rafferty, BUC Bible Discovery School director, shared a moving testimony of how his beloved mother–in-law, had died unexpectedly. He declared that the prayer of the faith will ‘save the sick’, but noted however it does not necessarily mean immediately ‘heal the sick’.  He summarised by stating individuals may die, but can have assurance in Jesus, of a resurrection when He returns. Pastor Rafferty concluded with a poignant message repeated throughout his testimony “some through the water, some through the fire, but all through the blood”.

Elsie Staple, SEC Health Ministries director, outlined the essential components of Physical health in her presentation “Empowering for physical health”, in which she examined the impact of physical health on wholeness, in light of John 5:6. Elsie in her natural engaging style outlined what it means to be physically healthy and examined the components required to achieve and maintain physical wellness. Marlene Levy, Psychotherapist, presented a powerful presentation entitled “Criticism – the silent killer”, in which she lead the attendees into a deeper understanding of the topic. Her presentation explored; why people criticise, the difference between feedback and constructive criticism, what criticism reveals about the person who criticises and how it affects well being, such as our emotions, attitudes and spirituality of self and others. Marlene concluded with practical suggestions for handling criticism and developing a Christ like attitude in the process.

Janet Hamilton, MOHAP founding director, facilitated the corporate discussion on the topic of suffering, which examined practical ways of dealing with suffering and helping others in the midst of their suffering. Susan Watt and Fen Braithwaite ably led the Spirit filled praise and worship sessions.  Prayer is a key aspect of the MOHAP ministry and opportunities for corporate and personal prayer were appropriately interspersed throughout the day. Pastors Campbell, Dranca, Martin, Mbruani, Mwasumbi and Walters, provided one-to-one anointing, pastoral prayer and counselling for those requesting it.

An attendee provided a written summary of her experience, a few weeks after the retreat; she stated, “It was a wonderful day. I have never been before and felt spiritually filled and definitely changed. My mum had anointing and prayer with a pastor and came away with her burdens and illness feeling much better than when she arrived“

The next MOHAP day retreat will be on Sunday 25th January 2015. Please see the poster or for details.

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What is MOHAP?

The Ministry of Healing and Prayer (MOHAP) is a dynamic new Christian ministry; which focuses on ministering to individuals in need of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental healing. MOHAP also provides individuals with opportunities, for fellowship and friendship within the church and wider community.