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Faith and Follow up Featured

Fourteen pastors including Pastor Greg Davis (South Ghana Conference Universities Chaplain), attended the MOHAP (Ministry of Healing and Prayer) day retreat on Sunday 23rd March 2014.  Pastor Davis is in the UK to conduct evangelistic campaigns in the South England conference. Having never attended a MOHAP retreat, he was keen to gain the experience and join in with the other attendees of all ages – from teenagers to retirees - thrilled, as someone said, “to see so many young people, interested in prayer and healing”

Pastor Paul Lockham’s (BUC Executive Secretary), poignant devotional entitled “Faith and Follow Up” was intertwined with a personal and compelling testimony on God’s miraculous intervention in the life of his baby daughter. An initial life changing prognosis did not come to fruition and his daughter now has four children of her own. Pastor Richard de Lisser’s (SEC Stewardship director), presentation on emotional healing entitled ‘Decisions Determine Destiny’, outlined how the decisions we make and how we choose to view the world will determine our destiny. His presentation was punctuated with a moving testimony regarding his experience with Parkinson’s disease and resolute decision to put his unfailing trust in God. The attendees deeply appreciated the openness and candour with which these pastors shared their personal experiences.  

Sharon Platt-McDonald’s (BUC Health Ministries director) enthusiastic and informative presentation on physical healing entitled, ‘Pain and How to Handle it”; provided attendees with a number of different natural remedies for pain management; which may reduce reliance on pain medication.Praying in twos - Pst Richard  de lisser

Angela McFarlane had battled with depression for years and shared how God had restored her; which has increased her determination to rely on Him.

There were also special quiet times for corporate, in two’s and personal meditational prayer. The inspirational praise and worship was led by Susan Watt and Fen Braithwaite. Pastors Cecil Perry and Humphrey Walter’s led the anointing service in which attendees could experience the pastoral services of prayer, brief counselling and anointing.

What was Pastor Greg Davis’s experience? He stated “This is wonderful! I have been truly blessed. I will definitely be introducing the concept of MOHAP to the South Ghana Conference, to enable them to have this experience too!”

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What is MOHAP?

The Ministry of Healing and Prayer (MOHAP) is a dynamic new Christian ministry; which focuses on ministering to individuals in need of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental healing. MOHAP also provides individuals with opportunities, for fellowship and friendship within the church and wider community.