The real meaning of CREATION

CHLive Life tot he Fullest from PPTThe Creation Health principles originate in the first three chapters of Genesis, which outline God’s prescription for experiencing a fulfilled life.
The simple acronym, CREATION, highlights each of these eight fundamental ideals: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook and Nutrition.

  1. Choice: Good lifestyle choices are the first step toward good health.
  2. Rest: Rest  includes both a good night's sleep and taking time to practice  regular relaxation techniques, which can lower blood pressure, change one's mood and reduce stress.: Rest is a daily activity and a weekly activity (what the Bible calls Sabbath rest).
  3. Environment: Spiritual peace and physical healing is affected by what surrounds us.
  4. Activity: Play and exercise are a gift from God.
  5. Trust: An experience of transcendence gives life a purpose and directly affects overall health and well-being. Studies provide abundant evidence regarding the connection between spirituality and health. God still speaks, and by grace invites everyone into a personal relationship that affects our lives and destiny.
  6. Interpersonal relationships: One heart touching another in intimacy is a powerful curative in the human experience.
  7. Outlook: A hopeful, positive outlook influences our worldview and every relationship.
  8. Nutrition: A balanced diet produces optimal energy and overall health.

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What is MOHAP?

The Ministry of Healing and Prayer (MOHAP) is a dynamic new Christian ministry; which focuses on ministering to individuals in need of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental healing. MOHAP also provides individuals with opportunities, for fellowship and friendship within the church and wider community.