Janet Hamilton

Janet Hamilton

A mixture of regular and first time attendees arrived for the first MOHAP day retreat for 2015, on Sunday 25th January 2014; hosted at the Advent Centre. They were welcomed by uplifting songs of praise from the five strong praise and worship team, lead by Serena Maurice-Nwokoye.

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Surprising alarm for the MOHAP day Retreat

Or Alarming blessing at the MOHAP retreat !

Attendees at the last MOHAP day retreat for 2014, hosted at the Advent Centre on Sunday 17th November, were welcomed into God’s presence by melodic and peaceful piano music, played by Nathaniel Davis. Those from afar as Leeds in the North including Pastor Mwasumbi, joined with attendees who were mainly from the south of England. Many were expecting a blessing during the day, including an attendee who shared how she had only heard about the MOHAP day retreat, late on Saturday 16th November. She immediately left a voicemail message, requesting as to whether it was still possible to attend.  To her surprise, her alarm clock woke her up very early Sunday morning. This prompted her to check her text messages and was thrilled to receive a message welcoming her to attend the day retreat. She testified, “I definitely, did not set that alarm, but God wanted me to be at this retreat and I know the reason why, as I have been wonderfully blessed, by God’s grace I will be attending future retreats”.

Attendees arrived enthusiastically early and eagerly awaited the commencement of the 2014 Annual MOHAP Retreat programme, Friday, 29 August - Monday, 1 September 2014, at the De Vere Venues, Horsley Park, East Horsley. Warm sunny weather welcomed the attendees and this was reflected in the warmth of fellowship experienced throughout the retreat.

Ustine Mugabe had recently arrived from Zimbabwe to spend time with her daughter and new grandchild in Manchester. She saw an advert for the retreat in the local church bulletin and asked her daughter to enquire if it was still possible to attend. The affirmative response required Ustine's daughter with a young baby on board, to drive a 426-mile round trip on Friday afternoon, which she was happy to do. Ustine was readily adopted as 'mum' by many of the attendees, causing her to declare that she felt "immediately loved and at home."

Three experienced and enthusiastic presenters undertook to make the Ministry of Healing and Prayer (MOHAP) day retreat on Sunday 25 May 2014, at the Advent Centre in London; thought-provoking, inspirational and informative. The day was interspersed with opportunities for reflection, prayer and testimonies. Claudia Gouveia shared how in 2011, she was diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP), a rare form of aggressive cancer affecting only 1 in a million; whilst undergoing a laparoscopy for suspected endometriosis.

Tests Confirm ClaudiaClaudia shared that the tumour located in the appendix, was in its early stages and both were successfully surgically removed. However, the endometriosis, diagnosed at the same time, and which can cause infertility, was confirmed and Claudia was strongly advised to have a hysterectomy, which she was reluctant to have. After a visit to Brazil and much prayer, she finally relented. However, Claudia along with her friends, family and church continued to trust and pray earnestly for God's intervention, during the time leading up to her surgery.

Claudia joyfully stated, "The surgeon decided to review my scans again and became convinced the procedure was not necessary and cancelled the surgery. Amazingly, this occurred after I was prepped for surgery; on the theatre trolley, en route to the theatre. If I did not have endometriosis which is still active, but of which I now only have a few symptoms; I may never had known about the PMP until it had spread. I have now changed to a vegan diet and have adopted a healthier lifestyle and I trust that God will one day allow me to have children. My yearly hospital checks have all come back NED 'No Evidence of Disease'. God answers prayer, He is in control of my life, I can't stop praising Him."
SEC Ministerial and Prayer Ministries director Pastor Emmanuel Osei's devotional, 'Your faith will make you whole', encouraged attendees to receive God's forgiveness and by faith, be made whole.

Tests Confirm Dr Nyjon EcclesDr Nyjon Eccles, physician and lifestyle doctor, then shared how the use of whole foods and phytonutrients affect our wellness, while psychologist Leslene Peat-Brown's presentation on 'Overcoming rejection' outlined the symptoms of rejection; its cause and effects; its emotional and physical impact and how to overcome rejection, utilising a biblical model.

Pastor Vince Goddard directed the anointing service and provided a short introduction regarding its purpose. There was also opportunity to receive anointing, pastoral prayer and brief counselling.

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Faith and Follow up

Fourteen pastors including Pastor Greg Davis (South Ghana Conference Universities Chaplain), attended the MOHAP (Ministry of Healing and Prayer) day retreat on Sunday 23rd March 2014.  Pastor Davis is in the UK to conduct evangelistic campaigns in the South England conference. Having never attended a MOHAP retreat, he was keen to gain the experience and join in with the other attendees of all ages – from teenagers to retirees - thrilled, as someone said, “to see so many young people, interested in prayer and healing”

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All Age Appeal of Mohap Day Retreat

What does a thirteen year old do at a prayer retreat? Seven apprehensive teenagers were among the 170 attendees at the first Ministry of Healing and Prayer (MOHAP) day retreat of 2014, hosted at the Advent Centre, London on Sunday, 26 January.

Pastor Todd Frias praying with youth2The Plumstead teenagers joined adults, mainly from around the South England Conference, but with others from the North, including a group a group of seven from Leeds, led by Pastor Ikwisa Mwasumbi. These mixed with and welcomed others from other denominations and even the unchurched.

There were informative and inspirational presentations on spiritual, physical and emotional healing by Pastor Emmanuel Osei (SEC Prayer Ministries director), Dr Chidi Ngwaba (Physician and Lifestyle doctor), and Dr Daniel Duda (TED Education director). Pastor Osei's devotional focussed on the leper, his faith and the obstacles he overcame in order to meet Jesus and receive His healing. Dr Ngwaba outlined the detrimental effect of sugar on one's health in particular diabetes and hypertension. He recommended diet and lifestyle changes including sugar consumption reduction, to aid in the reversal of these chronic conditions. Dr Duda addressed the topic of fear and anxiety in the Christian's life and highlighted appropriate and inappropriate responses to fear and the need of a correct mindset in order to overcome the inappropriate responses.

Praying in TwosThe attendees praised and worshipped God in song and testimonies throughout the day and there were also opportunities for a variety of prayer times: quiet meditation, corporate and prayer in twos. Eleven pastors provided the ministerial service of pastoral prayer, brief counselling and anointing. Joyful testimonies followed.

And the youth? While apprehensive at the start, by the end of the day they stated, "We have been so blessed, we want to attend other retreats and we are going to bring some of our friends."

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MOHAP - Circle of Prayer and Fellowship

Sunday the 17th November was a grey chilly day; however the majority of attendees at the MOHAP day retreat, held at the Stanborough park church were bright and early. The fellowship was warm and welcoming; although the church was a little on the cool side due to a heating system issue. However, as attendees worshiped, prayed and praised God; hearts and minds were spiritually warmed and the bodies eventually followed. The Stanborough press were in attendance and provided a comprehensive selection of prayer and health books, which wonderfully complimented the MOHAP theme ‘Lord make me whole‘.  

The bright warm spring sunshine welcomed attendees, to the MOHAP day retreat, hosted at the Newbold church on Sunday 26th May 2013. The classical piano music played by Nathanial Davis prior to the start of the program, soothed each person who came with their individual spiritual, emotional and physical needs. It was hoped the retreat would provide an oasis of inspiration and peace. The consensus at the end of the day was summed up by an attendee’s comment, “another refreshing and uplifting experience – Praise God! “.

Glorious summer sunshine welcomed attendees and stayed throughout the Annual Ministry of Healing and Prayer (MOHAP) Retreat, on Friday 30th August to Monday 2nd September 2013. A large contingent of the 90 attendees came from the SEC. Many also came from the NEC, Scottish and Welsh missions. Pastor Ian Sweeney, BUC president, in his opening address introduced and welcomed the international speakers to the MOHAP retreat and the UK.  The speakers delivered a total of 13 presentations on the theme ‘Lord make me whole’ and covered the spectrum of emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

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Refreshing and Uplifting Experience

The bright warm spring sunshine welcomed attendees, to the MOHAP day retreat, hosted at the Newbold church on Sunday 26th May 2013. The classical piano music played by Nathanial Davis prior to the start of the program, soothed each person who came with their individual spiritual, emotional and physical needs. It was hoped the retreat would provide an oasis of inspiration and peace. The consensus at the end of the day was summed up by an attendee’s comment, “another refreshing and uplifting experience – Praise God! “.

The day commenced by focusing our minds on God’s love, through prayer, praise and worship; lead enthusiastically by Jackie Johnson and Eleni-Jaye Anderson-Gray. The Lord’s presence and Spirit continued to be sought and welcomed in prayer throughout the day, in various corporate, private and prayer in two’s sessions which were led by Shiloh Harmitt and Pastors Cecil Perry, Vicentiu Dranca, Ian Sleeman and Bertie DeNysschen. Many were blessed and encouraged by Eleni- Jaye Anderson-Gray’s personal testimony, regarding how the Lord had miraculously reversed a long standing medical condition.

Pastor Terry Messenger, SEC Executive Secretary, focussed on Mark 1:40-45 in his devotional.  He outlined that many people believe God is unable to help them, because of their circumstances, but the healing of the leper demonstrates that God is more than willing to restore us.

Dr Christopher Levy an Emergency physician and Lifestyle doctor provided a thought provoking presentation, on the ‘Body Mind Connection’ and examined how  mental/psychological/psychiatric and neurological conditions and their treatments affect the body and how  systemic conditions and their treatments affect the mind and brain function. He concluded with how to promote optimal brain function and thought processes in spite of physical illness. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and this evoked a lively and informative discussion.

Janet Hamilton, MOHAP Founder and Director, concluded the morning session with an open corporate discussion, on the role of medical science in the healing of the Christian. It was concluded that God can work through medical science, which does not preclude having a deep faith in God.

After a nourishing and delicious wholefood vegan lunch, the attendees listened to Dr Colin Gordon, a Psychologist, lively and passionate ‘Stressed BUT Blessed’ presentation. He provided a short stress level test and looked at the causes of stress. He also provided the attendees with the opportunity to discuss those things that stresses us the most. Colin showed us how to manage stress with practical techniques and ultimately to focus on the Lord. The session concluded with a question and answer session.

Pastor Emmanuel Osei, SEC Ministerial and Prayer Ministries director introduced the purpose and biblical authority for the anointing service and also offered the prayer of consecration for the participating pastors. The pastors also provided pastoral prayer and brief one-to-one counselling for those requesting it. Fen Braithwaite led a passionate Spirit filled praise, worship and testimony session, which was concurrently run with the anointing service. Many people testified how the Lord had miraculously been working in their lives. The experience and testimonies moved many to tears, as it confirmed that there is a God in heaven who cares about each one of us. The day concluded with the hymn ‘How Great thou Art’; sung with the passion, hope and praise of those in need and seeking a touch from their Lord.

Many were so stirred that they did not want to go home and remained long after the program had ended, praying together, fellowshipping and praising God.  One attendee said he had been at work the night before and had come straight from work and was intending to go home to sleep at lunch time. He however felt he could not leave as he was enjoying the day so much. A group of young ladies commented that this was there first MOHAP retreat and were so blessed they “‘will be attending all the MOHAP retreats in the future and will bringing more friends” with them.

The MOHAP annual retreat will take place on Friday 30th August – Monday 2nd September 2013, at Wokefield Park, Reading.  The international speakers will focus on spiritual (baptism of the Holy Spirit), emotional and physical healing. The Croydon SDA Gospel choir, directed by Ken Burton, will be providing a special musical presentation to provide healing to the soul.

Janet Hamilton

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